515 N Interurban St #107, RichardsonTX 75081, USA




We have a rental program from weekly to monthly.
phone- 972-644-6615

Quality rental cars weekly, monthly rates. -----
Good dependable 4 door automobiles and mini van's ,back and forth to work cars. -
--maintained weekly--
- No sport vehicle's or trucks. Credit card or cash deposit available some limitations may apply for miles and local area.
$200.00 deposit and --MUST BE OVER 21 AND have FURNISHED INSURANCE.
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Quality Auto Mechanic Service Department 

 Our Mechanic shop is trained for all the vehicles we sell.
We offer a discounted rate for customers  who purchased from us for the life they have the vehicle.
Our labor rate is lower than most at $ 65.00  per book hour .
The mechanics are in our shop from 9 a.m-5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
If you need work done on your vehicle call to set up a service time

or by filling out the form on this page.
The shop does a variety of mechanical services for both domestic and import vehicles:
engine repair and maintenance

oil and fluid changes

suspension work

electrical issues

a.c. and heating problems

we have computers and a snap-on scanner for domestic and import vehicles diagnostics.

from the 40's to the present day vehicle.


Detail and full car cleaning Service

Full vehicle clean-up , detail's, 25 years professional cars, trucks, boats
if you've seen the show you've seen our work.

Family owned ,been around from the show car to the classic to the everyday driver.

With our service we hand wash the outside ,buff the paint then apply another coat of wax for swirls and protectant.
we also wax the windows outside to help against rain problems
we clean and degrease the engine and apply a conditioner for the plastic and rubber to keep them from cracking.
for the interior we clean and shampoo the carpet and seats and apply a conditioner, we clean all doors and trim inside and clean all windows.
we clean and polish the wheels and shine the tires.
we also deglaze or remove yellow on headlights if needed.
full size car 4 door sedan-- $85.00
full size trucks --$115.00
small trucks --$85.00
2 door cars --$75.00

Saturdays are appointment only

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